fabric covered cereal boxes for picture mats

fabric covered cereal boxes for picture mats. who knew? you could use scrapbook paper and modgepodge as well. Trying to think of a neat way to display kids art. Awesome idea for our hallway. Cardboard and I have tons of it from moving.


My grandma always dyed eggs with onion peels--that's how they did it back in the day! We made some last year but struggled with keeping the onion peel on the egg. This looks like an easier alternative.

/www.lubbesmeyer.com /Clouds-Over-Fields-and-Fence-

Clouds-Over-Fields-and-Fence by twin artists, Lisa and Lori Lubbesmeyer. They call their works, fiber paintings.

WInd on Grandfather by Murray Johnston

Wind on Grandfather - Murray Johnston quilts - Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina Amazing - all the work on the site!---Love the movement


Shamrock Boutonnieres

Spruce up your outfit with a three-leaf clover boutonniere using cotton, waxed paper, floral wire, and a shamrock template to add a special touch this Saint Patrick’s Day. See below how to ma…

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Watercolor Easter Eggs - I'm doing this on blown eggs. a coat of poly spray after paint is dry will add strength to the delicate shells.

Lucky Clover Patch! #diy #stpatricksday

Lucky Clover Patch- heart punch, different shades of green craft paper, glue gun, floral wire!