Civil war

Civil war

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Candid photograph of General of the Army, Philip Sheridan, and his friend Major General James Forsyth, sitting on a back porch

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*NATHAN GREEN ~ For I Was Thirsty #NathanGreene #Americana-Nostalgia. "I Was Thirsty" depicts the true story of Confederate Sergeant Richard Kirkland during the Civil War battle of Fredricksburg. After a fierce battle on Dec 13, 1862, the scene shifted from heavy fighting to intense suffering. Sergeant Kirkland decided to do something about it by helping the fallen Union enemy soldiers crying for help. He carried water and warm clothing to the suffering.

Nathan Greene - For I Was Thirsty

Portrait of Captain Edward Camden: Volusia County, Florida, April 1917. "He put on his Civil War veteran's uniform and tried to register for the draft on the first day of World War I."

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President Lincoln's grandfather & namesake was killed by Indians while trying to tend his crops. The president's father, Tom, was a boy and was nearly kidnapped. His older brothers heard the commotion, came running to kill the Indians, and save Tom. All this happened outside Middletown, KY near Louisville in the 1770s.

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Flag of the 9th Texas Infantry

Flag of the 9th TexasInfantry

Gloves worn by Lincoln on the night of his assassination at Ford Theatre.

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” - Abraham Lincoln on the importance of preparation.

Quotes, Inspiration, Wisdom ("Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will...)

Battle Flag ~ 18th NC

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Color bearers were always prime targets...

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26th North Carolina by Don Troiani

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CSA Calvary Standing Guard

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The Wounded Soldier by Stanley Borack.

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Minie Ball. Bullet invented by the frenchman Claude Minie and used widely during the American Civil War. It's slow speed and soft lead manufacture led to it shattering bone upon impact and causing infection.

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civil war violin used as war diary by Civil War soldier Solomon Conn 1863

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You are viewing an impressive image of Fair Oaks, Virginia,vicinity. Lieutenant Robert Clarke, Captain John C. Tidball, Lieutenant William N. Dennison, and Captain Alexander C.M. Pennington. It was taken in 1862 by Gibson, James F., b. 1828.

Civil War Artillery

Union General GeorgeThomas, a Virginian known as the Rock of Chickamaugua.

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Much of the information available on female Civil War soldiers is found in their obituaries. (NARA, Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1780's - 1917, RG 94)

Prologue: Selected Articles

Atlanta, 1864

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Robert E. Lee

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General Grant and Meade

Wallpapers Pictorial art Mort Kunstler - Photo : 271808


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20th Maine, counter-attack at Gettysburg.

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Confederate raider John H. Morgan

Old Picture of the Day

Confederate Veteran

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