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Healthy Pregnancy / Natural Childbirth

Healthy Pregnancy / Natural Childbirth

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13 Ways To Avoid The Ring Of Fire During Birth

  • Beautiful Chaos
    Beautiful Chaos

    I love the ring of fire! My mind focuses and I calm easily - I know the baby is VERY close to coming. It's the one sign I'd never get rid of. ♥

Great article on oxytocin

The Effective Labour Contraction

The Miles Circuit: This circuit is useful to help get the baby lined up, ideally, in the "Left Occiput Anterior" (LOA) Position, both before labor and during labor. Prenatally, this position set can help to rotate a baby. As a natural method of induction, this can help get things going if baby just needed a gentle nudge of position to set things off. In labor, if labor seems to be not progressing. mom has back labor, or the postion is determined to be not LOA.

The Circuit - The Miles Circuit

Refreshing, straightforward, HONEST birth advice. Dear Friend, Birth Doesn’t Have to Suck | Improving Birth www.mothersboutiq...

Dear Friend, Birth Doesn’t Have to Suck | Improving Birth

Your childbirth rights and how to say no to your doctor/midwife - nicely!

Yoga poses for pelvic floor exercises! These exercises are so important through your pregnancy as you prepare for the birth. Click here for tips to help

Pregnancy yoga to help pelvic floor for a healthy pregnancy

Timeline of a Breastfed Baby...I think I may have pinned this already but I find these stages *so true* by the months. It's amazing how breastfeeding changes from the first few months of life to the older baby stages.

The Alpha Parent: Timeline of a Breastfed Baby

Did this exercise so many times in the last few weeks of my pregnancy with G and I swear it's why I had a fast, natural labor.

The Inversion - Spinning Babies


Oxytocin-The love molecule |

On telling the difference between anterior and posterior babies.

The Well-Rounded Mama: Belly Shape and Fetal Position

Stalled labour? If you find that your labour reaches a plateau or stalls, find out what you can do to avoid medical interventions in the case of a stalled labour.

8 Natural & Effective Tips For a 'Stalled' Labour

8 tips for staying limp and loose in labor to allow the cervix to open more effectively, great tips for moms and doulas, put this tip in your hospital bag

Limp and Loose in Labor - 8 Practical Tips

How to Help a Woman in Labor « The Joy of This by a doula/birth educator. Some great information about birth and labor.

How to Help a Woman in Labor

Doula Tips for Starting Labor. Just in case he decides to hang out past 40 weeks

Doula Tips for Starting Labor

Colic? Reflux? Baby that won't sleep? It may be an undiagnosed tongue/lip tie. Heres a step-by-step-guide to identifying them at home.

Breastfeeding is best

Facts About Breastfeeding

great article about how to prepare your home for a home (water) birth

'We need to stop avoiding the pain of birth and we need to love what it teaches us, what it does for us, and what it means to us when we have gone through it. The pain of birth is your teacher, your lover and your friend. It is not something to be feared. It is what makes birth so magnificent.'

Mama Birth: Painful Birth- Loving it, Embracing It, Accepting It

Breastfeeding HURTS!: 11 Common Breastfeeding Myths and Breastfeeding Lies |

I love breastfeeding, but it's not always easy. Here are 7 things I wish lactation consultants and breastfeeding classes would teach.

Homemade postpartum pads for soothing and healing: Witch hazel, aloe vera gel, comfrey, lavender, and overnight maxi pads...directions on how to put together and then FREEZE.

7 Myths Surrounding Home Birth.

5 reasons to consider a home birth: I couldn't agree more ... if more women really understood what home birth is like and about, they would be birthing their babies at home too! Go Home Birth!

Preparing for Labor and Delivery - A Training Plan

10-Minute Prenatal Yoga Strength Series + a page of other prenatal workouts!