Hjørdis Mossige Forsell

Hjørdis Mossige Forsell

Norway / Country home, country living, nostalgic and romantic style. You are welcome to visit my blogg http://hidlesundet.blogspot.no
Hjørdis Mossige Forsell
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Har du planer om å pusse opp vaskerommet?

Red Onion Meissen  kitchen utensils (6), c. 1883

What a wonderful set of six mint Meissen Red Onion pattern kitchen utensils. You see Blue Onion but this is the first set I have seen in Red Onion is

MyRealtopia: Love this - just enough so you can't keep 'em hanging there forever! Orig Descrip: Small, for a smaller laundry room.

Fold Away Hanger: InstaHanger Rod Create 12 of hanging space that hides away when not in use. This fits in a narrow slice of wall and opens out to 12 of hanging space. Perfect for hanging laundry or a rain coat & closes up when you're not using it

Antique German Meissen Blue Onion Porcelain Kitchen Utensil Set from historicshop on Ruby Lane

Antique German Meissen Blue Onion Porcelain Kitchen Utensils Set Blue and white (Blue Onion) set of century porcelain kitchen utensils with