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Sailor Moon meme!!!

The one named Sailor moon. These memes are cracking me up!

True (:

Every main character needs a badass woman, but might I add that in fairy tail…


Kakashi & Sasuke - "kakashi abandons the life of a ninja and instead decides to become a humble farmer" . "I didn’t know shit could grow from the ground"

Fairy tail

LOL, this is so true! I fall on the floor a lot for some reason and my best friend is like :" HAHAHAHAHAHA you look like a dying seal!" In the most annoying laugh ever and i do the same thing for my friend too

*Transformation* What?I'm ICHIGO?!?Yayyyy!!Zangetsu!Oh Zangetsu lets go play hide and seek!

*Transformation* What?I'm ICHIGO?Oh Zangetsu lets go play hide and seek!

The truth...

That's the thing though. He didn't dodge on purpose. He let her hit him." It's almost like he'd observing her human behavior, rage included.


Head Captain Yamamoto, *gasp* the nimbus clouds were how soul reapers used to get around!

There is no escape (the real question regarding this meme :why would you want to leave???)

I’m beginning to think our hotel in Cambodia was a little dishonest on their flyer about the amenities