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Taylor Hutmacher

Taylor Hutmacher
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[Arcadia, West Shore Jr./Sr. High School, Melbourne, FL] #YBKlove

Phototgraphy in design- splitting photos into stips to make a dominate photo more interesting and having other students photos at the bottom to include

I was already finished mostly finished with my board when I found this. it's from the shutterstock blog

It's time for more color therapy with the second installment of Shutterstock's Pantone Project. This week's swatch to watch is Rhapsody. This gray-toned pu

such a cool yearbook theme! taking a jounry through our highschool year

Yearbook cover and theme concept - Notice the variation in the color of the O, U, and R to make the word "OUR" stand out in "OUR JOURNEY".

Newspaper theme: sideways book is a cool quirk! Would need fewer words and more pictures

I recomend if you want to protect them from the sun Sale at breakdown price! Eagleyes 65 mm wayfarer sunglasses are great!

BHLDN Spring Fashion on ContemporaryBride.com

the hexagons could be put all along the bottom of a page for modules. either in a straight line or scattered like this. With funny pictures of people (headshots or action shots). maybe pictures of people in front of their senior square.

Yeah, I think that creating pictures out of text for some infographics will help diversify our infographics (because last year, most of ours were just collections of quotes).

Graphic design- creating pictures out of text for infographics will help diversify our infographics and make the yearbook more interesting.