Kabas pop-up markt

zaterdag 13 december gezellige pop-up markt met 28 webshops en ontwerpers culi-plein - workshop - kinderknutseltafel Futur, Wezenstraat 6, Turnhout
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Very Manly Pins via Michael van Kekem. Van, Enamel, Design, Pop, Michael, Manly, Screen Printing, Pins, Enamel Pins
Very Manly Pins by Michael van Kekem | Illustrative Design & Prints
Very Manly Pins via Michael van Kekem.
a pink and white bottle with a wooden top on a pink background that says, i love you
Home - Atelier Kiddies
Atelier kiddies - PinkNouNou slabbetje Roodkapje
Atelier Kiddies - Playsuit Vos Playsuits, Swimwear, Fox, Playsuit, Kleding, Cotton, Rompers
Home - Atelier Kiddies
Atelier Kiddies - Playsuit Vos
a crocheted cloud hanging on a door with pom - poms around it
Home - Atelier Kiddies
Atelier kiddies - Fair Trade 2Cute2beTrue mobiel happy baby cloud
Atelier kiddies - Busha legging beer in het bos Trousers, Pyjamas, Fashion, Leggings, Bebe, Pajamas, Pajama Pants, Pop Up
Home - Atelier Kiddies
Atelier kiddies - Busha legging beer in het bos
a red and white umbrella with blue raindrops on it is hanging from a hook
Boeckie - Umbrella
a card that says i want to be your lucky star with hearts in the background
Boeckie - Lucky star
a card with an orange fish design on it
Boeckie - Plenty of fish
a card with an image of a light bulb and the words, we're the brightest light i know
Boeckie - Brightest light
Studio Bibette - dejeuner bag Studio, Bags, Bag, Cotton Bag, Drawstring Backpack, Textile Design
Cotton bags — Studio Bibette
Studio Bibette - dejeuner bag
a black cat with green eyes on a red and blue background pillow cover, which has an oval design in the middle
Cushions — Studio Bibette
Studio Bibette - Cat Cushion
Studio Bibette - Taxi_bag Taxi, Reusable Tote Bags
instagram — Studio Bibette
Studio Bibette - Taxi_bag
the front cover of an article with a man holding a monkey in his arms and another person wearing a hat on top of him
Image de Julie - Cover for Oh Marie magazine
a yellow vase with an orange flower in it next to a card that says ma biche
Image de Julie - screenprinted card Ma biche
there is a card with a picture of a fox on it and a potted plant next to it
Image de Julie/Julie van Zessen Illustration & Prints
Image de Julie - Baby card for Halina! Design