Homemade quest bars

Who doesn't love a protein bar? I for one, can go threw a box of Quest Bars in less than a week. My wallet is hurting so I had to start making my own. All of these bars have at least of protein and of fiber! The base bar (before adding flavors) are…


Homemade Quest Style Protein Bars

Ingredients: 1 tbsp Sweet It scoop Trutein tsp extract 1 tbsp milk (I use almond) APPROX 120 calories depending on amount of protein powder used

Homemade Pancake Mix Recipe - The homemade mix that will replace all your breakfast cereal!

Homemade Pancake Mix

Homemade Pancake Mix (to store) - Once you have your own mix, you can add different things for different mornings- like fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, or flax meal- anything your kids like!

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Pink pancakes!  (No, it's not food color, just a healthy, hidden dose of veggies.)

Pink Power

Pink Beet Pancakes (u can't taste the beets! - for KIDS) - great for valentines day. simply add cook then add beet puree to pancake mix.

NO DAIRY!! Homemade Strawberry Cereal Bars....compared to the store bought...very interesting!!!

Homemade Strawberry Cereal Bars

Homemade cereal bars: Here's another substitution for you! Change out the cereal bars in your pantry (with Red for our homemade version! Strawberries are in season, but you could try other real fruit as well!

QUEST BARS 4 Scoops of vanilla protein powder (about 1/3 cup a scoop) 1/4 cup nut or seed butter of choice 1/3 – 1/2 cup sweetener (like honey, agave, stevia, splenda, etc) 2-4 tbsp. water (if you feel you need it) 1/4 cup oat flour or fiber powder or even ground flaxseeds (Omit for lower carbs, best with)

protein bar Easiest Homemade Quest Bar Recipes I have found. Basic Recipe with lots of variations

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes! Delicious!! Paired it with some homemade turkey breakfast sausage and simple scrambled cheddar eggs. OMG. Have tried 5 other healthy pancake recipes and this one is by far the best!! Even better than the non-healthy pancake recipes I've made. My now go to pancake recipe!

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes

Whole Wheat Banana Pancakes! Have tried 5 other healthy pancake recipes and this one is by far the best! Even better than the non-healthy pancake recipes I've made. My now go to pancake recipe!

A great grab-and-go snack before the gym - no-bake protein bars! #healthyeating

½ cup milk (I use whole) 1 cup natural chunky peanut butter honey, plus more to taste cup vanilla (or chocolate) whey protein powder 2 cups old fashioned rolled oats (uncooked) (Optional: Melted dark chocolate for drizzling

Pancake on the go

For breakfast on the go, we love these portable pancakes

Pancake Mix

These 40 Foods Should Be Homemade, Not Store-Bought! It’s Easier Than You Think!

Makes good fluffy pancakes Homemade Pancake Mix! This is quick and easy. just mix it up and store it in the cupboard! No need to buy pancake mix anymore!

Golden Sweet Zucchini Pancakes

Golden Sweet Zucchini Pancakes

Golden Sweet Zucchini Pancakes- neither sweet nor salty. I added pumpkin and a little more sugar to make sweeter. Also had to add more liquid to compensate for thicker batter.

Make Your Own Protein Bars - FitFluential

Make Your Own Protein Bars

Make Your Own Protein Bars - FitFluential. Make your own clean eating protein bars so you know what healthy ingredients are going in them. Mix and match from these ingredients or get creative on your own!