Hannah Viederman

Hannah Viederman

"I recommend that you take care of the minutes, for the hours will take care of themselves"
Hannah Viederman
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Pinner said - "When I first started dating my husband I was laying on the couch with my head on his lap and he said, "I've been waiting for you." That's all he said and then was quiet. This quote reminds me of that. I love him so much!" How beautiful.

Writer out of necessity, illustrator by accident, twice published person. This is a collection of inspirations and emotions and things.

Marry the one who gives you the same feeling you get when you see food coming at a restaurant. You know that tingly feeling of anticipation, when your mouth starts watering, and you get a fluttering in your tummy of excitement...


Lauren. Lover of learning, loving, and living. PhD student in Educational Psychology and Applied Developmental Science focusing on ethnic/racial identity and personal, social, and academic well-being. Masters in Child Development. Bachelors in English...