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Fun DIY idea for exposed cables - wooden bead electrical cord. If you can't hide it, make it a feature. Use this to protect the cord from cat teeth.

lamp diy

A CUP OF JO: gorgeous lamp by CAMP. A set of 3 or so of these would be awesome as a "light fixture" in the guest bedroom!

DIY::Toilet Paper Roll as Cord Holder

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Extension cord stored in toilet paper roll. Reuse Toilet Paper Roll as Cord Holder Contain extra extension cords by wrapping the length of one around your hand then sliding the whole thing inside the tube.

Dress up your electrical cords with masking tape

I love the idea of dressing up your electrical cords with masking tape. My husband, however, is an electrician who uses electrical tape rather than band-aids when he hurts himself, so I'm not sure he'd let me pretty his cords up ;

Wooden Balls Garland Lamp #diy

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DIY cord decoration.

Cable jewelry from Bless – fun DIY! Make those ugly cords a thing of beauty!


DIY pendant colorful cord lamp (with yarn so it would go faster?

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