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Hydrobikes are whisper quiet non motorized small fishing boats that are friendly to the environment and wildlife. They help you catch fish too! Travelling 6 to 10 mph, they can navigate in less than 12" of water, while handling waves up to 3 ft. high. Hydrobikes can float up to 400 lbs and are virtually impossible to tip. Custom rod holder installation, deck and storage space make them convenient for a day of fishing. Here are some of the rewards of Hydrobike fishing adventures.
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Bass Fishing Tips Hydrobike Explorer.
Bass Fishing Tips from the Hydrobike Guy
a man holding a large fish in his hand
Bronzebacks gobble Mr. Twister fat tubes all day long!
a man standing on top of a yellow kayak holding a fish
nice one sitting under submerged tree branch
a man holding up a large fish on a boat
5 1/2 lb smallie fishing the rocks and wood, Lake Kashawigamog Haliburton ON
a man on a yellow kayak holding a fish and fishing pole in the water
River bassin'
two boats sitting on the ground next to each other in front of trees and grass
Sportsmen model for the fisherman, hunter. Hydrobikes are good for bow fishing too
three yellow and blue boats in the water
Hydrobike Fishing and catching a Muskie
two yellow kayaks sitting on top of a wooden dock
Hydrobike Store – Welcome
a woman riding on top of a green boat
Fishing the shores for smallies and whatever lurks in the Severn.
a man holding up a large fish in his right hand while wearing sunglasses and a hat
'Accidental' musky while tossin' plastic for smallies!
a man holding a fish while standing on a kayak
Marty Burt, our resident FL Red Fish Pro!
a man holding a fish while sitting on top of a blue boat in the water
Nice Hydrobike Largemouth
two people are standing on surfboards in the water with fishing rods attached to them
fishing buddies
two people on kayaks paddling in the water with seagulls flying overhead
up close to an eagle