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Manatee superheroes! Saving the world with cuteness!

Superheroes As Manatees

Lionel Richie teapot from Lyndsey Lake Ellis

Now you can wear all of your ugliest shoes at the same time! Haha

27 reasons why kids are the worst - I love this.- I LITERALLY cried from laughter reading this!!! 23 is the best!!! Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence

There are a few of these that I believe my son's homework could compete with!! @Keagan Turney

I can't un-see this and now you can't either.

  • Lauren Busiere
    Lauren Busiere

    Harrison Ford!!!! Megalulz

Wholly Shithole; It's Jesus Christ!!!

for Gracie Mae

  • Gracie Mae
    Gracie Mae

    meee toooo!

I dunno...he might have inhaled. Bill Clinton, while at Yale.


Is that i-cord stitched on top of the knit cap?

Old mason jar..put in olive oil..boom...DIY "Piss Christ" "Piss Family"?!?!?

Boo. I've been censored by pinterest!! Let's see if they delete this too...

Jennifer Brandt -- This is me without food! There's a word for it!

shouldn't have laughed at this...but I did

What was in there?

oh man maru!


I'm just missing the whippet.

I need this as a tee.

@Jennifer Brandt -- We found the suit for the Slim Goodbody costume!!!

Mr. Slim Goodbody

  • Kristen Dains
    Kristen Dains

    I used to LOVE him!


no matter how small

Allison Walker Rabbitt should own this!