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"I used to not like being called a woman architect: I’m an architect, not just a woman architect,” Ms. Hadid said after winning the Pritzker Prize. “Guys used to tap me on the head and say, ‘You are O.K. for a girl.’ But I see the incredible amount of need from other women for reassurance that it could be done, so I don’t mind that at all.” Despite her efforts over the years to be judged on the merits of her work, the news media often included discussion of her physical appearance.

Zaha Hadid, Groundbreaking Architect, Dies at 65 Ms. Hadid, the first woman to win the Pritzker Prize, was renowned for her theoretical work that left a mark on skylines around the world.

Asmar Equestrian

awesome Cute equestrian style that shows your horse-loving side outside of the show ring.