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I once dreamed of a clock without hands, where the numbers themselves rotated. So I decided that was just the right amount of peculiar to be the Time Dr. The Clock of the Time Dragon

I Said No Bogeymen by zorm

I dream a lot, but I rarely have nightmares. I think that if I ever found myself haunted by terrible dreams, I would self-prescribe a generous dose of Granny Weatherwax’s headology. So… when Björn,…

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Federico Piatt,Плоский Мир,фэндомы,Смерть Плоского мира,Мрачный жнец,Тиффани Болит,Нянюшка Ягг,Ланкрские ведьмы,длиннопост,Городская стража

fpiatti: Inktober days 9 to 18 - Discworld characters

Discwolrd Calander 2015. Hogfather by Stephen Player.

Discwolrd Calander Hogfather by Stephen Player.