OMG!!! I KNEW he looked familiar but I thought it was just because he looked like he was almost cosplaying Sherlock! :O ... Fuuuuhhhh....

Wait, wait... Molly's fiance is the sniper?

And that's probably the Sherlock lookalike Moriarty used to scare the little girl so she screamed when she saw Sherlock <<<<<<<< this. ----- Oh my poor Molly. Turns out everyone she falls for DO turn out to be psychopaths/Sociopaths ;

Daughter Of Athena

I'm Casey Jackson, niece of Sally Jackson And cousin to Percy Jackson. Daughter of Athena. Comment your name daughters (and sons) of Athena!

Son Of Hades

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favorite book character! All my friends think im crazy because I'm ubsest with you but I don't care.

Son Of Poseidon

Awwww look he's all greek like. oh oh oh he should dress like that on his wedding! << oh holy Hades yes.

Daughter Of Aphrodite

I nominate myself for councilor of cabin 10 because I understand the power of love while it can hurt it brings also great joy with knowing its power I feel I can help my siblings use it wisely

Well not more than Percy... I'd cry equally

I would not cry harder than Percy. But I absolutely LOVE Piper. She is amazing. And it will break my heart . I'll cry harder if Percy died, but Piper's death would be brutal.

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