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    Ali Katz Creations
    Ali Katz Creations
    Ali Katz Creations

    Ali Katz Creations

    I love everything 50's & funky. I like to create one of a kind jewelry & artwork. I'm to music, all kinds & odd bits of nonsense!

    Asymetrical tee, dark denim and leopard ankle boots

    Retro Red Car and Camper Trailer Earrings by TailfeathersJewelry. , via Etsy.

    Melissa J Tyson's soldering station bkstyled.com - Postazione per saldare

    Work in progress by The Pale Rook

    Have any milk crates laying around? Any old tshirts? If so, than you can have a square foot garden! The tshirts keep the soil well drained.

    Vintage Wire Swiveling Bounce Chair Salterini Homecrest

    My retirement plan is to Go Kayaking - 0515

    11058668_855440901194547_1974667741970754778_n.jpg (400×604)