This literally brought tears to my eyes! I used to have the book that this expert came from and I read it over and over. I have been so sad that I lost this book and seeing this today was just what I needed #godisgood

My Princess. I Will Heal Your Heart.I needed to see this today and be reminded of The One that heals broken hearts. //Me too. He will bring me back to life.

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When you give God praise in the valley, He'll give you strength to climb back on top of the mountain.

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21 days of gratitude list for Thanksgiving!

21 Days of Gratitude Printable Prompts

I believe that gratitude can be contagious and my desire is to spend the next 21 days being grateful with my family. Below I am sharing our 21 Days of Gratitude Prompts and stop by next week to join in our 21 Days of Gratitude challenge.

#LoveMe is a challenge to love yourself. Everyday there will be a prompt for you to look at yourself, embrace who you are, and hopefully hel...

#PSLoveMe Challenge: Learn to Love You in February {Starting Feb 1, 2016!}

Psalm 27:14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

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Remember that you are God's princess, and that we must trust God for His perfect timing. It is hard to wait on God, but it will be worth it all!

Don't ever compromise.... His princess

"I am your solid Rock, and you can conquer anything in my strength. My Princess, Don't ever compromise" 💖

I don’t need a reason to be grateful, even though there are plenty of reasons for all of us to be thankful. Gratitude promotes health, improves our outlook on life, helps us handle stressful situat…

great for journaling and for leading up to Thanksgiving - - - 30 Day Gratitude Challenge - YEAH! Ready to be more thankful!

Wow.. please read this.

Brought me to tears. This is amazing! To our future daughters and to our Bentley Boo, you were not made to fit in! You wear the crown of everlasting life!

Sweet Romance Reads: The Gratitude Challenge by Shanna Hatfield

52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge complete! And I put together a list of 52 weeks of gratitude prompts for you to get your gratitude on. :) If you want to do something on this everyday, write one thing (if you can) every day of the week