I think it's funny that this post was posted during "Screen Free Week". I guess it wasn't so Screen Free after all!

screen free week kids activities

_Are you, could you, dare you join in Screen-Free Week this week? Do your kids have too much screen time? Do you? 100 fun kids activities you could try this week as a family whether you're inspired to spend an hour, a day or the whole week screen free.

Cut the bottoms off of two Coke bottles. Glue zipper inside. Instant snack container.  great idea!

DIY snack container from upcycled pop bottles. What a cool idea. I could see that working for a lot of other things too, not just snack storage. And not just pop bottles.

DIY bean bags

Rollie Pollie Bean Bag Chair

How to Make Alcohol Ink for Rubber Stamping

How to Make Alcohol Ink for Rubber Stamping

How to Make Alcohol Ink for Rubber Stamping Things You'll Need Powered Rit dye Rubbing alcohol Isopropyl alcohol Liquid Rit fabric dye Baby food jars Cotton balls for ink application

Magnets made of clay (FIMO)...

DIY refrigerator magnets made of cold porcelain or oven bake clay! Raincloud and raindrops magnet set for the fridge. Hang Kids artwork and other miscellany with this cute homemade set!

vintage sheet ideas

10 great crafty vintage sheets ideas – Modern Kiddo I Love the bag idea! When we were at Shriner's they gave us a bag full of supplies for Emily every time we turned around.

do it yourself log table

DIY log side table using a free piece of salvaged wood and a 6 dollar Ikea stool

Make A Bird Bath From An Unloved Lamp

Try This: Make A Bird Bath From An Unloved Lamp

Turn an unloved lamp into a bird bath. (Tip: don't leave it plugged in) So many ppl throwing out ugly old lamps. Those lamps might not fit into the decor anymore. birds are not picky about how a lamp looks. Turn the lamp into a bird bath


TOY ANIMALS: make teeny-tiny party hats for a birthday party! Then line them all up so that they can join in the fun. Ridiculously cute idea by Oh Happy Day.