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"Don't marry a man unless you would be proud to have a son exactly like him." Anyone who knows my husband and my sons knows that I married the right man.


Infographic Of The Day: Why Should You Care About Typography?

Defy Gravity @ Jennifer Wilson don't you love this poster?

as someone told me lately everyone deserves a chance to fly, and if I'm flying solo, at least i'm flying free.

bahahah my life @Sarah Tweedie

Two trips are for pansies.Living on the second floor of an apartment my whole life taught me this motto.


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office humor, gotta love it. "I named my hard drive dat ass so once a month my computer asks me if I want to back "dat ass" up" ecard

@Alicia leppert

I have this habit of sorting people I know into Hogwarts Houses. Mostly bad people, I'm always mentally casting them as slytherins. Although one of the bravest men I've ever known was in slytherin house, so.


Never judge a book by its movie . sayings - quotes - quotes - inspirational words - words of wisdom -

I will never get this.. but think it's very cool.

Love this quote, my gram used to say this. - "this too shall pass", quote tattoo, arm tattoo . Love this font or lettering

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