a garden grows in brooklyn

Love this minus the giraffe head! Domino magazine photograph's Stone Fox Bride owner Molly Guy's Brooklyn apartment and children's room, featuring a lofted bed and play space, a kids tipi, moroccan pouf, and shag rug.

Loving the vibrant colors of these frames <3 #Estella #Decor #Kids

Artful Displays: Brilliant Ways to Show Off Their Masterpieces

Kids’ Decoration Ideas: DIY Kites

Couldn't resist these cute kite decorations - could make them in any fabric so they are a bit more joyful.nice cheap decoration idea for baby room Kids’ Decoration Ideas: DIY Kites!

Northern Flicker (Yellow shafted type) The yellow shafts of the feathers and its habit of flicking its bill give the Yellow-shafted Flicker its name.

6 Playful Art Walls For Kids' Rooms

"Go to bed young dreamer" quote // Gold on navy blue illustration of an arrow over two hands raise towards a sun / star burst containing mountains. By Kyle Mac