Old screen door as garden gate

trellis fence Sub category: Doors in the garden ❥ screen door garden gate for the entrance to my vegetable garden.

screen door

I love the thought of a home with an old wooden screen door like you see on all the houses out in the country in the movies. The ones that squeak a lil when they open and snap back closed. And it's yellow! I love a yellow front door!

love this screen door inside!

Turn an old screen door into a fabulous room divider~ (inspiration only)-Good idea, for all of those, that don't have a foyer; and like country decor!

picture framed house number on screen door - lovely!

picture framed house number on screen door - lovely.plus I LOVE the painted screen door!

24 Patio Perk-Ups

old doors

Very creative use of salvaged windows & doors. This outdoor deck space is now a romantic vignette with so much inviting character! Check it out at the Romantic Homes website.How to Add Romance with Antique Doors and Windows :

sweet screen door

Screen door, Really interesting pair of doors. The inner door is glass on top and the screen door frames the view out of the window.


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