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The Joys of Brit TV

I wish I could move to England, if for nothing else, the smartly written television.
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The Prisoner

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Graham Norton... if only America understood him. I love this show!

The Graham Norton Show - Episode guide - BBC One

Before there was Trading Spaces, there was Changing Rooms with the incredibly cute Carol Smillie.

Changing Rooms (TV Series 1997–2004)

Well before there was Clinton and Stacy, there was Trinny and Susannah.

Trinny and Susannah - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Um... yes.

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Top Gear... the way all reality shows should be!

Top Gear Track - BBC Top Gear - BBC Top Gear

At age 7, I learned what beheading was.

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How many 8 year old kids get hooked on Masterpiece Theatre? At least 1.

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Benny Hill + a kid entering puberty = trouble! Evening, Viewers!

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I think this might have been the first BriTV show I fell in love with. Ni!

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Jekyll. I have never seen such a powerhouse performance than the one from Jame Nesbitt in the title role. (Yep, another Steven Moffat show)

BBC - Drama - Jekyll

Sherlock. I love the writing and the reparteé. Steven Moffat theme going in here.

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Coupling. The funniest show EVER! I don't know why in the hell Hollywood ever thought they could improve on it.

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