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Blessons= lessons+blessings

yep; Funny Breakup Ecard: I'm sorry for being so confused. I had no idea 'I love you' meant I will treat you like you dont matter.

Behind every woman scorned is a man that made her that way...

Hmmmm don't underestimate a woman scorned

Let Go and Move On

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

Must remember


I am and I can

The blood of Jesus washes it all away!

“Pain and limits remind us that we are finite, that we depend on the mercies of God for existence, that we can survive hardship and discomfort and grow stronger and deeper through them.  These Scriptures speak of humble acceptance of hardship, reminding us that we have a greater opportunity to move toward greater maturity.  A few verses earlier i...

Yes, yes, yes. I am aware of my flaws, and I accept them, instead of wanting to change them.

If there is no solution to a problem, maybe it's not a problem to be solved but a truth to be accepted #quotes

Not the end of the world

Determined Woman!



Acceptance of who you are with out fear of what other people think means your really living.. when you love someone color or gender does not matter.. your heart only sees Love ..

Acceptance. Hall er Lu yer