Website created by a second grade class in Georgia to study the Creek and Cherokee Indians


The student will discus the character of different historical figures in Frederick Douglass, Susan B. Anthony, and Mary McLeod Bethune activity


Power Point-Life in the West-a Study of Native American Tribes

Life in the West is a colorful 15 slide Power Point describing the customs and environment of the Makah, Great Basin, Pueblo, Navajo and Apache Indians. This beautiful presentation is a concise, well organized introduction to Native Americans for the youn


Ancient Greece Resources

: 40 Hands-On Activities to Experience This Wondrous Age (Kaleidoscope Kids Books): Avery Hart, Paul Mantell, Michael Kline: .


The Pawnee: Native Americans of the Plains Reg.- Inf. Reading & Writing Project

The Pawnee: Native Americans of the PlainsRegion Mini-Unit was created as a resource for Georgia's grade Social Studies Include.


Georgia Creek and Cherokee Indian Journal Prompts

The student will describe the Georgia Creek and Cherokee cultures of the past in terms of tools, clothing, homes, ways of making a living, and acco.


Explorers of the New World: PPT Introduction & Graphic Org for Structured Notes

Exploring the New World- This PPT introduces the Explorers of the New World Unit. It was developed to support Georgia's Performance Standard


Ancient Greek Myth for Kids: The Story of the River Styx - Ancient Greek & Roman Gods for Kids

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