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⭐️💜⭐️ ALMOND JOY MAJIC COOKIE BARS ⭐️💜⭐️ These Almond Joy Magic Cookie Bars look SO delicious, don’t they?! RECIPE HERE~~~>>>

Bread Pudding ~ Authentic New Orleans bread pudding with French bread, milk, eggs, sugar, vanilla, spices, and served with a Bourbon sauce. ~


Brookies! HELLOOOOO That's me!!! Prepare 1 box brownie mix & 1 box cookie mix as per the box. 1 scoop brownie mix + 1 scoop cookie dough in a muffin tin. Bake as directed on the box but start checking half way through baking.

Almond Joy Mounds

When it comes to the holidays and cookie swaps this is my go-to cookie recipe. A friend of mine makes a cookie like this every year, she wouldn't share her reci

Whipped Shortbread

Whipped Shortbread Recipe -This version of shortbread melts in your mouth. Mostly I make it for the holidays, but I'll also prepare it year-round for wedding showers and ladies' teas. —Jane Ficiur, Bow Island, Alberta