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Health: Eating, Exercising and Mindfulness

The Mission is to create a healthy balance between the rhetoric of "Must do's", "Must not do's": False claims about the dangers of food and the plethora of Black and White thinking about what to put in your body. We are a Special Group of Survivors who have tried many different avenues to trick our mind into believing that we must follow a rigid diet (regime) in order to control our appetite and hunger. Mindfulness: Living in the moment and enjoying it. Listening to yourself and your intuition.
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My journey with Intuitive Eating #intuitiveeating |~•~| This is a great post about letting go of restrictive rules and stepping into a world of body-knowing choices grounded in intuitive eating--yay!


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Paleo Recipes for the Paleo Diet - PALEO RECIPES | PALEO DIET

Life is all about balance!! Whether it's work vs play ..... Healthy eating vs that chocolate cookie..... Giving vs not taking care of you..... If you find yourself out of whack and working more than your playing - there is another way and you'll be way happier If you're ready to get more balance in your life then check this out >> Balance your life and see how it changes you!!! #2015wealthcreators


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In recent studies, negativity is shown to form the same functional properties as addiction. Research shows these Negaholics are driven mainly by the inability to lower or release stress.


5 Ways to Fight Negativity & Steal Back Your Life - The Daily Positive

Eating Disorders and Addiction

A Psychologist Faces Her Own Anxiety | Her.meneutics |

A Psychologist Faces Her Own Anxiety

#1 Weight loss SECRET nobody is telling you..THIS WORKS FAST! I lost over 15+ lbs in 3 wks. changed my life

My weight loss results

A whole post of great inspirational quotes, my Favorites from LDS Conference Quotes #ldsconf

Emmy Mom--One Day at a Time: Favorite LDS Conference Quotes