((RP?)) There are few of them left now. Those who can call upon spirits like me, and even fewer who can speak to us. But as I gazed at this girl, I knew even among the extraordinary, she was special.

ArtStation - CyBerBabe, Jacek Babinski Image is based upon cyberpunk 2077 a really cool looking cyberpunk game getting made by CD Pojekt Red, a well renowned game developer that made the witcher series

total punk that tries hard to be a badass... but really isn't, just normal kid, good grades and tends to be a total sap -best friends with the girliest girl (very popular in school)

(This girl)Hides her true self and pretends she's weak, she's done martial arts for 14 years. After her parents divorced she's been living with her mother in Paris whilst her father moved to London she dosen't know that she has a twin sister :/

Read That's True from the story Obrazki, Memy I Tym Podobne by Shiroxes with 351 reads. kai, anime, obrazki.

My mom has a joke: When you're you're a teenager. When you're you're an adult. When you're you're nobody. And Nobody is perfect. (she likes to think of herself as "Beyond perfection.")