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From the French Mistake

Winception - From the French Mistake.I love Misha in the background and this episode was HILARIOUS!

WARNING: The Supernatural Fandom has a GIF for EVERYTHING! Approach with caution.

People need to stop thinking this fandom doesn't have a gif for everything. Supernatural has been airing for over a decade of course we're going to have the obscure things.

The Supernatural fandom...were it's sad & happy in the same post....

The Supernatural fandom.where it's sad & happy in the same post.<<It's definitely the second one. He hates Sam's long hair. He's like a mom, so concerned with baby Sammy's hair in his face.


Great behind the scenes photo of Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from the EW cover shoot. I much prefer their laughing over the 'sexy brooding' faces that everyone does on the magazines.

They think I'm a car person now

This is so me! So people talk cars and I'm just like 67 Chevy impala is my dream car and all jaws drop like you know cars waaaaaaaa? And I'm just like yea b!

Thats what I call Destiel folks.

Well well well it looks hella gay. And let's be real. He had to say "All of you" because the first "you" was meant for only one person

A Theatre in Paris Showing Life of Pi

Funny pictures about No Better Way To Watch Life Of Pi. Oh, and cool pics about No Better Way To Watch Life Of Pi. Also, No Better Way To Watch Life Of Pi photos.