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Here are some wonderful #noir106 stairs.
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a man in a suit and tie walking down some stairs with other men behind him
Catholic University Homepage
Strangers on a Train (1951): Guy's nighttime visit to the upper level of Bruno's house; he is menaced by the Great Dane on the way up and by Bruno on the way down. sourced at
black and white photograph of a woman leaning against a wall with her hand on the door
Jill Tracy shot by Film Noir lighting master Jim Ferreira
a man standing on top of a spiral staircase
image from The Spiral Staircase
the shadow of a man walking up stairs
Wilshire Boulevard. How do we know? Well, through the magic of cinematic language. The opening shot shows us our protagonist, ...
a man in a suit and hat walking down stairs with his hand on his hips
And of course, the stairs. As I’ve noted over the years of Noir Frame Grab Theater, they did love their stairs. from
a spiral staircase with a mirror in the middle and light at the end on it
From Chalupka's Weblog What makes a noir film noir? Characteristics of a noir style movie are such aspects as bars, stairs, shadows, dim lighting, mazes, quick camera jumps from one object to another, variations in camera views, narrations, and there is also usually an antihero.
an old staircase with wrought iron railing and windows
The Shiny Squirrel
a person walking up some stairs in the sun
View, deduce, imagine.
Dr. Paul Wolff, Stairs, 1926
a person walking up some stairs with a lamp post in the distance and dark clouds overhead
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L' apparition de la couleur by Eric DRIGNY, via 500px
black and white photograph of a spiral staircase
ALBASUR INMOBILIARIA, Piso alquiler Getafe | Inmobiliaria en Getafe | Alquiler piso estudiantes en Getafe.
an abstract photo of a spiral staircase in black and white
30 escaliers en spirale absolument incroyables dont la beauté vous donnera le vertige