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  • Jesalyn

    Oh, babydoll. That's really charming of you to call me Cupcake, as you've clearly managed to infer (correctly) that I am absolutely delectable. However, to business! I gotta call bullshit on you on that one. As impressive as your credentials of "professional sex nerd" is, it doesn't do much for me. I could just throw studies back at you that show that the happiest couples tend to have the most egalitarian relationships, ergo, feminist friendly! (also, common sense!)

  • Jesalyn

    And I'm sorry, but not particularly surprised, that you were so wounded over my blocking you. As you only came to my attention because you were working your way through trolling an entire group board that I belong to, I thought it best to contain you to one space, as I do not have time for an additional, unpaid part-time job tracking down your comments all over my Pinterest account.

  • Jesalyn

    However, I seem to have forgotten an important piece of internet wisdom..."Don't feed the trolls!" So on that note, I shall agree to disagree with you...and as we have a day off, I'm going to go have feminist sex with my husband! (That's the kind where we both get to orgasm!) And then possibly bake cupcakes, as they're kind of on the brain revoir!

  • Ian Ironwood
    Ian Ironwood

    Wounded? No, amused. And "cupcake" is a term of art used to describe any woman who attempts to shame a man without first gaining his respect.

  • Ian Ironwood
    Ian Ironwood

    And "feminist sex with your husband"? I guess it is that time of year. Be nice to him - I'm sure the laundry's been looking snappy, lately. BTW, "egalitarian relationships" have less sex and are about 30% more likely to divorce, long term, than "traditional gender roles" relationships. But you enjoy them BB. You earned 'em.

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