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Vishvaraj Sinh Jadeja on Instagram: "Ashtadasha Shaktipeethas  01 :लङ्कायां शाङ्करीदेवी.....  lankAyam shAnkarIdevI Devi Shankari of Lanka Aadi Shankaracharya’s Stotram starts with Shankari Devi Shakthi Peeth of Lanka. It is said that, here Devi Sati’s groin had fallen. Currently, a temple in Trincomalee (Thirukkonamalai) is regarded as the Shaktipeeth as the original temple was destroyed by Portuguese invaders. Due to this unfortunate event, not much information is available on her iconography. However, upon some research and with help from our learned friends we got to know that she is none other than Ashtabhuja Bhavani herself. Coincidentally, an image of Devi Shanakri is available on net in which she is Ashtabhuja. Hence we decided to make her as Devi Shankari.  In this form, she is eight armed holding a Chakra, Dand(Staff), Gada (Mace), Khadga (Sword), Akshmala, Dhanush (Bow), Trishul (Trident) and with a Abhay mudra. The current murti being worshipped in Koneshwaram is of Mathumai Amman and her iconography matches with Devi Manonmani. We qoute from a blog "Though many pilgrims worship her as Shankari Devi, she is not the ancient Shankari devi who was worshipped by Ravana and Adi Shankara, to whom the grandest temple on Lanka was built." Further, the literature on Koneswaram does not refer to the name Shankari Devi. Also, when one speaks of a Shakthi Peetham, it must be a Temple with the Devi as the main deity.  रावणस्तुतिसंतुष्टा  कृतलंकाधिवासिनी । सीताहरणदोषेण त्यक्तलंकामहेश्वरी ।। सज्जनस्तुतिसंतुष्टा कदंबवनवासिनी । लंकायाम् शांकरी देवी रक्षेत्धर्मपरायणा ।। Being appeased by the glories sung by Raavana, she made Lankaa her abode and started residing there By his sin of abducting sitaa, Maheshwarii left Lankaa Being praised by the good people she started residing at the Kadamba forests May that Shaankarii Devii of Lankaa always protect those who follow the path of dharma. Swipe to see close-ups and the collaboration works Collaboration with @ankur.v_artworks, @_artraj_ and @krsnavallabha_art #art #artistsoninstagram #artoftheday #artwork #painting #paintings #durga #durgamaa #kali #shaktipeeth #18mahashaktipeethas #navratri #durgapuja"