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Some of my all time favorite movies (and hopefully yours, too)


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15 Years With The Big Lebowski [Infographic] ~ Damn Cool Pictures

The big Lebowski

LOVE the princess bride

Groundhog Day

MIB Selfie

MIB Selfie | X LOLs | Funny Videos and Memes

Who's Bill Murray? Zombieland

This Photo Might Confuse Future Historians


Give Leonardo His Oscar!

Napoleon Dynamite


  • Malak Rogers
    Malak Rogers

    Oh my gosh!! laughed too hard at this! but there was more than one direction! But maybe she would have ended up at the Emerald City regardless the direction. Just don't follow the red brick road!

  • Ian

    hahahaha yep ;)

  • Gloria Morales
    Gloria Morales


  • Jamee Gilson
    Jamee Gilson

    Gloria Morales thought you'd take offense to that...LOL

Bond. James Bond.

make mine Ruby

Well, I never!

Dean Martin in Rio Bravo

Steven Spielberg with Tom Hanks - Saving Private Ryan

From the classic dystopian movie, Metropolis. 1926 art print, by Schulz-Neudamm From for about $75.

Wes Anderson and Bill Murray.

Carrie Fisher

behind the scenes Star Wars

X-Men set problems


Ocean's Eleven

Hope not, this movie was dope!

And That Made It Funnier! Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

  • Ian

    Really? Too funny

  • rhonda ashby
    rhonda ashby

    Yeah any given time when someone (usually a Python fan, not always!) says his name or just "Hey Dave…" his silly ass'll go, "There are some who call me… … Tim." Lol.

  • Ian


  • rhonda ashby
    rhonda ashby

    : )

  • Gale Marik
    Gale Marik

    That scene was the best!!

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Kirk: Did we do it? Did we make a difference? Picard: Oh, yes. We made a difference. Thank you. Kirk: Least I could do for the captain of the Enterprise. [last words] Kirk: It was... fun. Oh, my...