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Another from Chino Otsuka

Photography: Chino Otsuka superimposes her adult self into photos from her childhood


1979 & 2006 Kitakamakura, Japan via Chino Otsuka Imagine Finding Me Series Chino Otsuka, photographer, inserts herself digitally in photographs taken of her as a child.

On a train

London-based photographer Chino Otsuka inserts her current self into her childhood photos, where she fits amazingly well.

Looking over together

Photographer Chino Otsuka Travels Back in Time to Meet Younger Self in series titles “Imagine Finding Me.

Guardian angel

Chino Otsuka - Photographer Digitally Adds Herself to Childhood Photos of Her in Double Self-Portrait Series


Chino Otsuka / Imagine Finding Me / 1980 and Nagayama, Japan/ If, again I have a change to meet, there is so much I want to ask and so much I want to tell

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Japanese photographer Chino Otsuka travels through the past by imagining what it might be like to meet herself as a child. I can't decide if this is cool or a bit creepy.