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Ivory netsuke of a snake and a frog.20th Century

Schlange und Frosch. Elfenbein. 20. Jh. - Kunsthaus Lempertz

Netsuke of a Kappa, 18th century - Japan - Wood

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Seal Netsuke Ainu, 18th century The Los Angeles County Museum of Art


JAPANESE CARVED IVORY NETSUKE Meiji Period (1868-1912). Signed Masatami. Of a monkey, with a magnifying glass, viewing an insect on a persimmon. Height 1 1/2 inches


Japan Horse, late 18th or early 19th century Netsuke, Ivory with staining. LACMA

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Ming Bowl with Fish Masatoshi (Nakamura Tokisada) (Japan, Tokyo, 1915-2001)

Chicken Group

Kaigyokusai (Masatsugu) (Japan, Osaka, 1813-09-13 - 1892-01-21) Rabbit Pair, mid- to late 19th century Netsuke, Ivory with inlays,

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Netsuke, late 18th-early 19th century

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Japanese Netsuke

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Netsuke, Ivory, Grazing Horse, unsigned, 18th c.

Original Old Netsuke and Sagemono at Gemini

Rat netsuke

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Mouse Netsuke

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Frog netsuke

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Carved wood netsuke in the form of a cicada, late 19th century, Japan


An Ivory Netsuke. 19th Century.… - Asian and Applied Arts - Webb's - Antiques Reporter

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Japanese scarab netsuke. I think it's cute!

Japanese Antiques from The Zentner Collection of Asian Art

Japan Cat, 20th century Netsuke, Corozo nut, ivory; manju type. LACMA

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JAPANESE IVORY NETSUKE - Katabori ivory netsuke of crane on an overturned basket fighting a snake

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A Japanese Ivory Panther Netsuke, Edo Period, the recumbent figure of a panther with finely incised fur, with hairline cracks, appx. 1 3/4 in. W.Similar Netsuke sold at Christie's - London, May 16, 2012, for 3,500 British Pounds.

A Japanese Ivory Panther Netsuke, Edo Period

SQUID & TAI-FISH TAGUA NUT NETSUKE — by Sergey Osipov. Inshore Squid (Sepioteuthis lessoniana) eye inlaid with mother-of pearl from black-lip pearl oyster (Pinctada margaritifera). Fish eye from amber. Natural himatoshi created by squid legs. Signature engraved in an amber reserve. You can observe the carving process for this figurine.

Squid and Tai-fish netsuke. Netsuke by Sergey Osipov.

IVORY NETSUKE 18th Century In the form of a reclining ram with inlaid eyes.

Japanese Art at Auction

Lot 199: IVORY NETSUKE Depicting a shakuhachi flute player with a basketry mask. Signed. - Eldred's | Invaluable

IVORY NETSUKE Depicting a shakuhachi flute player with a basketry mask. Signed.

Running Rabbit Netsuke

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