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Need an Irish dish for St. Patrick's Day? Make this traditional cottage pie, also known as shepherd's pie! Super comforting and easy to make.

Cottage pie, also known as shepherd’s pie: is a comforting dish filled with ground meat, diced vegetables, and mashed potatoes.

Whether you woke up with a sore neck or you have one from sitting in front of a computer all day, these stretches can offer the relief you need.

Whether you slept in a funky position or have been staring tensely at your computer for hours on end, a crick in the neck is not only annoying, it can cause headaches and upper back pain. After a long, hot shower to loosen the muscles, try a few of these

Exercise ball workout poster for women. #ballexercises #coreexercises #fitness

Fitwirr Exercise Ball Workout Poster for Women 19 X 27 The Swiss ball (also called stability balls, exercise balls, fitness or yoga balls)—are one of the best fitness tools you can own and use.

Learn how to use a foam roller and use it often! Massage before a workout will help correct any imbalances also.

I just got a foam roller, and I am hooked. Looking for useful foam rolling excersises! ~ The Best Foam Roller Exercises - Start rolling your way to more relaxed muscles, reduced pain and injuries and an array of other health benefits.

DIY Sacroiliac Joint Pain Relief

This do-it-yourself sacroiliac joint pain relief treatment can be done by anyone. Free yourself from pain in 3 Simple Steps.for Free…also for sacroilliac joint pain

TENS-Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources @sostherapy

TENS units are a great non-invasive pain management alternative to oral medication. Read more for our TENs Electrode placement guide & examples of TENs Units.