#DIY Fashion

DIY Fashion

This is so easy! take a plain black tanktop or any color of tanktop and cut strips up to the top but don't cut them the whole way off. there you have it. A fringe tanktop! great for the beach or to wear over another tanktop.

My Fashion Sketchbook: #DIY Fashion #Clothes. Flannel. Button up. long sleeve.

I'm going to try this with some of my dad's shirts! My Fashion Sketchbook: Fashion Flannel. Button up.

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love this outfit DIY. tie bottom top- for sorority shirts cute outfit great beach outfit!


"diy t-shirt bikini! OMG, I wanna make at least the top! Idk about t-shirt bottoms cause they might be see through!" ~~~You don't care that the top might be see through?


(the baggier the shirt, the longer the Put on T-Shirt without putting your arms in the sleeves. Tuck the sleeves into the T-Shirt. Wear your DIY no-sew dress! Could wear with an adorable sleevless jean jacket!