Iria Carballude

Iria Carballude

Iria Carballude
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Luv Pre-K: Two Toothy Eggsperiments - This really is a cool experiment at any age! Have children write their observations in their healthy habits journal! I also like the idea of brushing the hard boiled eggs afterwards!

Teaching The Importance of healthy teeth - Here is a great objective lesson teaching preschool and early elementary education aged children about the importance of teeth health! Need to remember this in February for dental health week

Dental Health

Egg Carton Mouth Activities for Dental Health: pretty awesome idea to teach children about flossing. I would just paint the teeth white or let the kids do it with white paint and a tooth brush.

Spreading germs. Teaches children how germs spread and why it is so important to wash their hands.

Possible Science Fair project! dirty hands bread experiment - what a great way to demonstrate the importance of proper hand washing. Would love to see what happens when you wash hands with warm soapy water versus hand sanitizer!