Perfect. This is perfect.

Funny but Forreal tho...

it’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me


Studio app :: tons of great overlays and designs to add to your photos. #BabyCenterBlog

LAUGHING totally hear him in my head

I'm going to put this in my son's bathroom Probably the coolest thing I've ever seen. Website where you click what you have in your fridge and it gives you recipes. This just blew my mind.

Nailed it.

Cozy Coupe turned into Batmobile.

63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better In The '90s - fantastic!

Poor Rick.




@Anna P you are my best friend and I couldn't imagine my time in this world without you. You have been through so much and you are soooo strong and brave. I promise you that I will always stand by you and face your problems head on with you, side by side. I love you!

21 creative consequences for disobedient children- Some of these are AWESOME and some are just plain HILARIOUS - but likely effective!

Every blonde needs a brunette best friend. I have so many awesome bru's in my life. They rock, but I still have more fun than 'em!

Stuttering lubner's moonie preserves

Best Friends

blondes and brunettes

Bathroom pic

writing in the sand

Sand love