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We produce Stunning ice sculptures for every event. Ice logos, bars, luges, food displays, liquor displays, centerpieces, weddings in the Desert Communities of…
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an ice sculpture is being worked on
Ice Magic Presents at DOS Salon Party
Ice Magic did this presentation at the DOS Salon Party. It's fun. Take a look and share it.
an ice sculpture of a motorcycle is shown in front of a building with snow on the ground
A Harley Davidson martini luge created by Ice Magic
two women are standing in front of a mercedes - benz sign and an ice sculpture
A ice bar and luge created by Ice Magic for Mercedes Benz
a large glass fountain in the middle of a park
City of Palm Springs
It's where we sculpt ice carvings and produce snow scenes for people and businesses in the desert.
an ice sculpture is lit up with red and blue lights
A fireplace sculpted into the ice carving. Timm Bennett is a genius. This was delivered to Thunderbird Country Club for 2013 Thanksgiving
a man in black shirt and white hat preparing food
Ice Magic TV
Sculptor Timm Bennett at work setting up an ice wedding cake. Watch the video at our website. It's fun.
an ice sculpture with bottles and glasses on it's display shelf in a restaurant
Ice Magic TV
Another ice bar produced by Ice Magic with a chiller for champagne.
a table topped with lots of cakes covered in frosting and blue lights at night
Ice Magic TV
Iceware. Ice Magic has it it from sorbet dishes to ice shot glasses.
an ice sculpture with the emblem of toyota on it
Ice Magic TV
An ice bar for Toyota from Ice Magic