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an indoor area with lights on the walls and arches
La Dolce Vita Illuminato: Luminaire Light Installation by Rem Koolhaas — KNSTRCT
Luminaire Light Installation by Rem Koolhaas
a woman standing in front of a doorway with her hands up
Bora botar o terror Mais
a woman's dress on display in front of pink background with birds and palm leaves
Holt Renfrew, Toronto, won a first place position in VMSD's 2016 Visual Competition with its window display, BoHo Birds. Read more about the winning project here: http://vmsd.com/content/open-season-part-ii Photography: Deryck Lewis, Toronto
a white deer with long legs standing on top of a rug
Sculpture of Taxidermy Karley Feaver by Karley Feaver
multiple images of different shapes and sizes of objects
adam hale aka mr.splice
a display window with an image of a yellow raincoat
Petit Bateau -Vitrine Août 20 15-Paris
people are walking on the beach near large glass sculptures
Kaleidoscope cube, by Alex Ritchie #installation #art
an outdoor swimming pool with lounge chairs and umbrellas on the ground next to it
The Ivy. Just had a great rooftop lunch by the pool here. It's gorgeous!!
an old style video game machine with glowing eyes and arms, holding a lit up screen
Rampaged Reality
the mighty Tetris #videogames #illustration #geeky
two tall buildings are lit up at night
Gallery of Cross # Towers / BIG - 11
BIG Architects, Seoul Korea, architecture, architectural design, buildings, architecture design idea and inspiration. #architecture - ☮k☮ - #modern
a woman is standing in front of a curtain with an eyeball on her head
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a crystal cube sitting on top of a table next to a mirror ball in the background
"Cube" Sculpture in Red Dichrolam by John Blazy
several colorful sculptures are on display in a room
Porcelain by SO-IL | Dezeen
New York architects SO-IL have designed these coloured acrylic display cases in geometric shapes to showcase pieces by German porcelain brand Meissen in an exhibition at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.
a bottle of champagne in a glass with ice
Crazy Cuvée, the Crazy Horse's own champagne - News