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SAMR: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition. Read how it can be used as a framework for Education 3.0: the self-directed learner.

[Jackie Gerstein, User Generated Education - SAMR as a Framework for Moving Towards Education

Here is a new wonderful interactive SAMR visual that uses Bloom's taxonomy.

Learning in Progress: SAMR Smash - Integrating iPads into Teaching & Learning Practices - SAMR and Bloom's Taxonomy

New Padagogy Wheel Helps You Integrate Technology Using SAMR Model - Edudemic via @Edudemic @Susan Annan

A New Wonderful Wheel on SAMR and Bloom's Digital Taxonomy ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. This a great quick chart that is color coded and with pictures of the apps that apply to each level of SAMR and Bloom's Digital Taxonomy models.

Another great explanation about SAMR from @ipadwells #ISTE2014

SMARL The Common Truth: here’s lots of talk of the SAMR model, which simplifies the common process that people go through when introducing any technology, designed by Ruben R. This of course applies to introducing iPads too

Tech Trends For Teachers: How to Use App Smashing on the iPad to Create an iBook Example

Thank you to all of you who contacted me after you read my last post on Daily Genius on app smashing . Many of you have asked for a specif.

SAMR Questions to Ask

SAMR at it's simplest. Basic questions to ask yourself to help understand at which level of SAMR your students are working. Guide for Bringing the SAMR Model to iPads