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    Read information about the kings and Queens of England, Scotland and the UK using this Flash interactive timeline. Just click on the images to find out more about that king or queen.

    Royal Timeline | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A good site which has gathered Catholic RE resources in one place.

    Catholic REsources | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A superb site and set of apps for Android, Apple and Windows to draw and share sketches. The images sync to your account making it easy to continue a sketch anywhere. Share your drawing with the site community or share the link with anyone online.

    Didlr | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A great futuristic adventure game from the BBC where players must use their skills at adding and subtracting to save the world.

    Mission 2110: Addition & Subtraction | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A system for booking appointments which connects to a range of online calendars, including Google Calendar. A great way to organise your parent consultations. Basic account is free.

    You Can Book Me | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A well designed quiz creation site with a large bank of free and paid-for pre-made questions.

    Quizalize | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A great note-taking app for iPad. You can type, draw or write handwritten notes and save or share them.

    Whink | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    An innovative iPad app for annotating documents, including PDFs, Word & PowerPoint docs, and even websites. Documents can be imported from and exported to popular cloud storage platforms and be saved as PDFs or RTF formats. Highlighted text can be view in isolation, meaning you have a ready-made set of notes.

    Liquid Text | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A superb collaborative platform for composing music with a good range of instruments to use. The notes sound each time you add one, and you can play back your work. Invite others to compose with you across the web and see their changes in real-time. Perfect for helping students as they are composing.

    Flat | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    Invite others to add files to your DropBox by sharing a link with them. Great for collecting homework or collaborative projects.

    Balloon | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    Add sound to make an audio photo and share the link for others to view online or embed on your site. It's a great way to explain a task or idea. Ask your children to make their own to show what they have learnt.

    Fotobabble | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    This is a fab site to introduce Java coding to children in a user-friendly, step by step way. It's an interactive online tutorial course which builds the basic programming skills to make some cool things. There are 59 lessons in all.

    Code Monster | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A great space special awareness maths game where players must use fractions to power the stranded spaceships correctly.

    Refraction | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    This Apple and Android app allows users to broadcast live video over the web. Perfect for CPD events, or sports days and the Christmas nativity plays for parents who can't attend. Apple App: Android App:

    Meerkat | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A playful adding and multiplication Apple device game where players must answer questions correctly while being distracted by sushi eating cartoon monsters. Players can earn badges for completely games well.

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    Got lots of text to wade through? This is a simple site which increases your reading speed by flashing each word on the same spot. While it may not be ideal for proofing, and probably won't help you with your pile of marking, it should make light work of staff meeting documents!

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    iPad app for making beautiful videos by selecting photos from a huge bank of images and recording your voice and other sounds.

    Adobe Voice | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    This is an amazing Windows, Mac and Raspberry Pi download which combines coding and composing music. Within a few minutes everyone can begin to make something tuneful and after a few lessons your students may even come up with a symphony or two.

    Sonic Pi | UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

    A swish looking, minimalist instant blog site. You can add images, video or even html code to enhance your blog. Once you are finished you can share your post with the world with the url link.

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    A superb map of Mars and interactive guide to the NASA martian missions. Add your own pins to the map and explore interesting features. Download 3D printed files of mission artefacts.

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    This is a great maths site with a range of flash activities, games and starters for your lessons. Each activity is fun and beautifully made. Wonderful to use on an interactive whiteboard or for self study.

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    Creating music tracks used to be time consuming and expensive. But with sites like this, anyone can make their own synthesised tracks using virtual mixing desk. Click on launch to start the app. Choose your equipment or use the default desk to get you going. You can listen and even remix tracks from other members on the site.

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    A collaborative music suite. Invite others to join you creative tunes with a range of virtual instruments, or upload music tracks to mix.

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    Shhhh! This is a noise monitor for Android. The traffic show red, yellow or green depending on how noisy your class are. Unlike some similar free behaviour management apps there are no ads.

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    Pong may be simple, but it is a great game for hand eye coordination, and this 21st century 3D version from is fast and fun. You can also share the link and play together online. Requires Chrome to run at its best.

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