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JAVA FERN: very easy aquatic plant; grows in all water conditions and thrives in brackish; requires little light, but will grow faster in medium lighting; easy to propagate, will make baby ferns on the larger leaves and can be divided; provides cover for shy or small fish and invertebrates; can be tied to almost any submerged surface or left to float; Tags- easy aquatic plants, low light plant.

Aquatic Banana Aquarium Plant Banana Lily or Big Floating Heart, is the perfect plant for aquarists of any level, as it is an easy aquatic plant to grow and maintain. Requirements include any light. This aquarium plant does well with various water conditions. If you’re looking for the perfect startup plant for your aquarium, you can do no wrong with the Big Floating Heart.

Pogostemon helferi, a Midground Plant for Freshwater Aquariums