i remember this!

Farewell letter from

candies -whistle pop- one of the coolest suckers. It sucked when you got one the whistle pop was broke :(

<3 clearly canadian

I'm not a fan of flavored water, but I LOVED Clearly Canadian in high school.

Show your kids this... this is what TV's used to look like at 1am.

Fab Friday Funny: Remember When TV's Did This

Back when TVs were a decorative piece of furniture and us kids were the remote control! Also that multi-color test pattern that came on after the station signed off for the night and they played the star spangled banner.

Gauchos.  Loved these.

corduroy gauchos & boots so festive for fall- I was the first to wear these in our high school ;

Oh, wow. I remember

I remember them so well, even the brand name. Triple Play cassette tapes for recording songs off the radio.

I don't shut up

I remember this rhyme!it went "I don't shut up, I throw-up and you lick up!

Avon Chocolate Chip Cookie Lip Gloss!

Avon Chocolate Chip Cookie Lip Gloss- loved this thing when I was a kid!

— Slime

Original 1976 "Slime" (Mattel) smelled horrible, but, everyone had it. Gross thinking how most of the class shared the same kid's slime (who ever was spoiled/wealthy enough to have the lastest toys). "Hey can I play with your slime after math?

the way it should still be....

With the exception of the lightning bugs, all true. My curfew was the street light in front of my house coming on. That was all our curfews.

Kristy McNichol and Leif Garrett on the cover of Dynamite magazine (March 1979)

Kristy McNichol and Leif Garrett on the cover of Dynamite magazine (March AAAAHHH! I had this magazine! I forgot all about how cool Dynamite magazine was.


Candies shoes - loved these too, although I probably was really too young to wear such s high heel!

Bermuda Bags!  80's preppy style.

Plaid Bermuda bag aka Pappagallo Purse (Photo credit: Mable Studios) ~}{~ I had a faux Pappagallo purse, I wanted a real one soooo badly, but my mom wouldn't give in.

Totally had these!

Pin for Later: 50 Totally Rad Trends From the and LA Gear Yes, we loved the colors, the thick laces, and the built-in platform. But the best thing about LA Gears? That awesome license plate charm!

How to Eat Fried Worms

How to Eat Fried Worms. I had totally forgotten about this book. I loved it when I was a kid.