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It really does work, I tried it tonight.  Def not using blue listerine next time tho..I ended up with soft, smurf-looking feet :( Complete details at

Listerine Vinegar Foot Soak -- Claims that a soak causes the dead skin to fall off! Be sure to not use blue Listerine, dyes the feet! And use apple cider vinegar for softer feet (also helps with nail fungus!

Relaxing room my-house-wants-this

Photo: cozy + stylish ah i want this room ! wish i had a big enough house with 30 different rooms so i can have all the rooms i want in whatever decor i want! Categories: Decoration Added: Description: cozy + stylish ah i want this room !


Monochromatic color palettes are based off of a single color. A successful monochromatic wall color scheme uses a dark, medium and light shades or tones of one color. Same color as our room.