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Yes, you read that correctly. I know what you're thinking: there are so many children in the world who need a "good and loving" forever family. Why would I discourage people from adopting? The reasoning is this: when you choose to adopt, the child must be the #1 priority. Here are 10 reasons why a person should not adopt, and why: 1: You are anti-connective and attachment parenting. Arguably, adoptees have experienced trauma to some degree (the separation from their biological parents, at…

Judy Hoogewerf
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Oh my! I was getting read this morning and I was hearing Cope talk to himself in the crib & I found myself taking a deep breath of relief. It was something that I can't explain, but it was like when I heard his little sweet voice all was right in the world & it was almost like the first deep breath that I had taken since we started the adoption process... A HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders. That got me thinking of all of the fears I had before we started the adoption process & how I

Suzi Walton
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As many of you know each year we like to donate to a family that is in the process of adopting. Adoption is something very close to our hearts and we love being able to help others with their adoption. For the month of January, we donated 20% of the profits from our online shop to the adoption fund. We are so excited to announce that Kim & Greg are receiving a $10,000 adoption grant for 2021! We received so many nominations and there were countless deserving families. In the future, we hope…

Lauren Bartholomew Whitlow

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