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Transform your office space into an inspiring and productive environment with these creative Airbnb ideas. Discover unique designs and layouts to enhance your work experience.
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Using Airbnb’s core identity and “Belong Anywhere” brand philosophy, Space Matrix design partners and Airbnb’s Environment’s team successfully transformed this warehouse into an astounding workplace.

Michelle Heinz
The Indian Airbnb Offices created by Space Matrix combine innovation and comfort with a sheer love of travel Office Interior Design, Studio, Office Space Design, Industrial Office Space, Innovative Office, Office Space, Office Design, Unique Office Spaces, Industrial Office

The city of Gurgaon, India, recently became home to the latest innovative Airbnb offices thanks to the expertise of design and architectural firm Space Matrix. In collaboration with Airbnb's own Environments Team, this design crew aimed to create a genuinely unique office space that perfectly blends urban and indu ...

Avi Joseph