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Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of ancient architecture. Explore top ideas to appreciate the timeless beauty and craftsmanship of historical structures.
File:Frontons. A pediment is an element in classical, neoclassical and baroque architecture, and derivatives therefrom, consisting of a gable, originally of a triangular shape, placed above the horizontal structure of the entablature, typically supported by columns. The tympanum, or triangular area within the pediment, was often decorated with relief sculpture depicting scenes from Greek and Roman mythology or allegorical figures. Architecture Drawings, Architectural Elements, Architectural Features, Architecture Design, Neoclassical Architecture, Architecture Details, Architecture Drawing, Architecture Antique, Architecture Sketch

Dopo aver rifinito gli angoli ed il basamento della nostra dollhouse con lastre di pietra, abbiamo decorato le finestre applicando delle cornici dello stesso materiale. After finishing the corners …

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Human talent knows no bounds, and this holds true both for the people of the past and those in our current times, especially when it comes to crafting impressive structures. These range from small yet stunning creations like hand-carved coins bearing the faces of past rulers to large-scale structures as vast as the Colosseum's Basement in Rome.

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