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Take your art business to the next level with these creative tips and strategies. Learn how to market your art, reach new customers, and increase your sales for a thriving art biz.
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As an artist, I know how much hard work, time, and creativity goes into producing a piece of art. But the journey doesn't stop there. Once the artwork is completed, the next step is to sell it. But one of the most challenging tasks for any artist is deciding how to price their art. It's essential to get a fair price

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By admin in Art Business Advice > Selling Art Online So you just launched your new art website—that’s fantastic! You’ve worked for days (maybe weeks, even months!) or you’ve paid someone to make everything perfect, and now that your new website is live you’re ready to start selling your art! But. . . it’s been a few days, and nobody seems to be visiting your site. What gives? Beautiful, but no traffic? No problem. Keep on reading. First, don’t panic; everyone with […]


As an artist, creating multiple income streams can help you not only make a living from your art but also diversify your revenue streams. The art market can be unpredictable, so it's important to have different sources of income to ensure your financial stability. In this blog I will share different ways you can cr

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