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Explore the world of art charcoals and unleash your creativity with these captivating ideas. From realistic portraits to expressive landscapes, discover how art charcoals can bring your artwork to life.
Eyes by John Fenerov Portrait Sketches, Portrait Paintings, Pencil Portrait, Portrait Drawing, Portrait Art, Painting & Drawing, Art Paintings, Drawing Drawing, Gesture Drawing

Expressions and faces come alive, in this fascinating artistic display. Russian Artist John Fenerov, has a keen eye for detail, that helps bring out the features of his models and himself, in one of the portraits, to achieve a very realistic look, even though you would not call these drawings hyper realistic. These charcoal and graphite drawings, almost look like they come from a land, between reality and a dreamlike fantasy, with soft smoky edges that gently dissipate on the page. Eyes…

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A collection of charcoal drawings spanning various subjects. The artist goes by the name huihuabiji. The only thing we know is that huihuabiji, Graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. The social media site that houses this artist's work, only has a few drawings. Quantity is not all, as you are going to be able to see in this post. Lovely techniques, utilised to create beautiful effects. Like the sculptor and the city at dawn, just to name two. Minimalism and subtle detailing, are…

Vine Charcoal, Art Charcoal, Charcoal Portraits, Charcoal Drawings, Portrait Sketches, Portrait Drawing, Portrait Art, Line Art Drawings, Pencil Drawings

***CANCELED *** Join Robert in this two-day workshop where you will discover how to take your ordinary charcoal portraits to that next level of extraordinary. Robert Kelley is a master at both portraits and the charcoal medium. In this class, Robert will show you how to take your portraits to the next level. He will share his approach and thought process as he creates his charcoal portraits. He will share techniques along with technical issues that you may run into when working with…

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New York based Casey Baugh has been painting since the age of 13. He specialises on oil paint and charcoal, we are going to focus on the latter today. Specifically, we are going to have a look at his charcoal studies, were he is able to experience, interpret and then reflect fantastically realistic expressions in his drawings.

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